Welcome to Stink Bug season! As you are all aware the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) season has arrived in full force this month. Working closely with our clients and DAWR GFS has already ensured efficient and successful treatments of the BMSB. GFS have been well prepared for this onslaught of fumigation jobs and consultations. The GFS team and crews are fully equipped and ready to tackle this problem head on. We are ready to fumigate your valuable freight and commodities to stop this high-risk bug which is capable of destroying over 300 agricultural and ornamental plants. Its potential to destroy is endless. Be ready!

Are you safe?

The BMSB or Halymorpha halys for those in the know is extremely difficult to manage once infestation begins due to its highly mobile nature and its ability to hitchhike from different types of goods to another. Seasonal measures, treatment and intervention of onshore target-risk and target high-risk goods have been outlined by DAWR. Preventing an incursion of this dangerous insect and protecting Australia’s import export, agricultural, fisheries, food and forestry industries are paramount to Global Fumigation Services (GFS).

Risky Business

Safeguarding imported goods and commodities from being a potential host to this destructive insect requires diligence and awareness. GFS recommend that all staff and personnel are aware of the identification of the BMSB (and other exotic pests). Refer to our information page for Guide to the identification of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Halyomorpha halys, and other similar bugs.

The GFS fumigation facility is located in a close proximity to most freight forwarders within kilometres of the courier, freight and logistics centre and Port of Melbourne. This decreases the risk of the potential for BMSB dispersion. GFS fumigate with ProFume (Sulfuryl Flouride – SF) and Methyl Bromide (Bromomethane – Mbr) of which has been endorsed by DAWR as a recommended method of treatment for the BMSB.

The Biosecurity Direction issued by DAWR will stipulate the treatment or fumigant type, temperature, dosage and duration of treatment. GFS will provide the treatment, monitoring and certification of the fumigation job ensuring peace of mind and quick business turn-around.

Our onshore fumigation facility provides the latest fumigation and testing equipment for effective preventative measures and treatment of the BMSB. If you cannot get to our location our mobile units can be dispatched promptly to any Approved Arrangement (AA) site and provide a 24 hour fumigation with an additional 24 hour aeration process. GFS provide electronic documentation issued to DAWR for clearance and immediate electronic certification to our clients.

There is a lot of information, questions and dialogue surrounding the BMSB season. We at GFS are more than happy to discuss any of these issues with our clients and hopefully provide the answers and solutions to your business. The import export industry is reliant on all of us to work together and assist each-other as it impacts all of us and cooperation is the key to its success. – Remember to inform your staff and be aware of the effects of the BMSB!