At GFS Fumigation is performed daily using specialized techniques on a range of services. No matter how diverse or size of the job we can do it! In today’s business climate best practice is essential and a holistic approach fundamental to our service delivery.

Our expertise and skilled staff make us one of the leading edge import and export fumigation companies. Our skillful fully qualified staff and knowledge base will meet all of your quarantine and logistics needs.

Our values are the driver that aims to minimize the impact on the environment. GFS have developed an Air Quality Management System which is EPA approved cementing our commitment to emissions control. GFS are continually researching more effective and environmentally friendly ways for pest control.

The AQMS GFS unique and leaders in the pest control industry adding value to any business that holds leading environmental management as a priority.GFS guarantee that your cargo will be free of contamination.
It is fundamental that treatment providers, in Australia and other countries, have the necessary information to understand the requirements of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to effectively treat consignments for import into Australia.


The strict biosecurity laws and requirements make this a very technical process. GFS utilises fumigation and environment best practice procedures to achieve a high standard result. There is endless capacity for GFS to fumigate logs and timber products allowing customers the full benefit of reduced timeframes and low costs.


Treatment of ship holds is a biosecurity requirement to prevent and treat exotic pests and diseases. Whether a ship hold is empty, full, an import or export it must be inspected before loading the cargo. If pests or insects found the hold must be treated immediately. GFS can accommodate any size and capacity of any ship hold.